Sláinte trí Snámh
Established 1993

About Us

Laser Swimming Club, founded in 1993, is a Competitive Juvenile Swimming Club based in Galway City. The club is registered with the National Body of Swimming, Swim Ireland, and is affiliated with its regional branch, Swim Connacht.

Club Mission Statement

Laser Swimming Club aims to develop the swimming skills of its members through excellent teaching and coaching and child-centred support. Laser operates under Swim Ireland rules which can be found on:

Club Objectives

  • To enable swimmers at all levels to continually learn and develop correct swimming technique
  • To coach and prepare swimmers to compete at their optimum ability.
  • To safeguard the well-being of all its members.

Laser Swimming Club has two structures in place to help children develop from beginner to competitive athlete?a development structure and a competitive structure.

Child Protection

Laser Swimming Club is committed to safeguarding the well-being of all its members. The club uses the Child Protection Guidelines adopted by Swim Ireland, and ?The Code of Ethics and Good Practice in Children?s Sport in Ireland?.

Club Coaches and Committee

The duties and responsibilities of the coaching and teaching staff comply with the guidelines set out in ?Swim Ireland Guidelines for Safeguarding Children? or most recent edition. Please see our website for details of the current coaches.

An executive committee acts as an overseer of the clubs activities and finances. Members of this committee are elected at the Annual General Meeting of the club. The club committee are entirely voluntary. Members are readily available for queries, suggestions, discussions and most particularly offers of help. Please see our website for details of the current committee members 

Parent In Attendance (PIA) Rota

Laser Swimming Club is obliged to have a parent on duty during all swim sessions. A roster will be put in place to cover all coaching sessions. The PIA rota is emailed to each parent who is on the roster.

It is the parent?s responsibility to check when they are on duty and to swap with another parent if they cannot attend their designated session.

The session may be cancelled if there is no parent in attendance.

Parents should familiarise themselves with the club rules and codes of conduct and ensure the appropriate behaviour of all persons (swimmers, parents and coaches) associated with the session.



 National Swimming Body containing information on all aspects of aquatics for Ireland.

Contains photographs and regional records along with calendar of swimming events in the region.

 International Swimming  Body containing information such as international swimming rules.

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