The duties and responsibilities of the coaching and teaching staff comply with the guidelines set out in ‘Swim Ireland Guidelines for Safeguarding Children’ or most recent edition.

An executive committee acts as an overseer of the clubs activities and finances. Members of this committee are elected at the Annual General Meeting of the club. The club committee are entirely voluntary. Members are readily available for queries, suggestions, discussions and most particularly offers of help.

Current committee members and coaches

Executive Committee:

Chairperson: Maura Blanchard

Secretary: Anne Carey

Treasurer: Saoirse Owens


Committee Members:

Joe Hynes

Amanda Dempsey

Brid Feeney

Virag Fehrer

Marian O’Neill


Child Welfare Officers (CCO): Linda Todd & Peter Kubecka

Team Captains: Oonagh Owens & Fergal Blanchard