Laser swimming club

Sláinte trí Snámh
Established 1993

Codes of Conduct

Laser Swimming Clup members, coaches, teachers and parents are expected to abide by the Laser Swimming Club Codes of Conduct.


The codes of conduct for different individuals comply with recognised best practice for safeguarding young people. The principles of the codes of conduct are to identify a standard of behaviour that should be applied to a relationship with other individuals involved in sport.


The Codes of Conduct can be accessed and downloaded here. An annual declaration should be signed by all persons associate with the club.  The annual declaration is available to download.  The completed declarations will be held by the secretary of the committee/club.

Please see Laser Swimmers Code of Conduct as agreed at recent workshop. 


Swim Ireland Policies

All Members, Clubs and Regions are bound by and must comply with the rules and regulations contained in the following documents (as amended from time to time)*:

i. Swim Ireland’s M&A

ii. Swim Ireland’s Rule Book

iii. The Irish Sports Council’s and Sport Northern Ireland’s Code of Ethics and

Good Practice in Children’s Sport in Ireland

iv. Swim Ireland’s Child Welfare Guidelines and Regulations

v. Swim Ireland’s Codes of Conduct

vi. Swim Ireland’s Complaints and Disciplinary Procedures

vii. The Irish Anti-Doping Rules (or equivalent rules produced by the Irish Sports Council) and the FINA Technical and Anti-Doping Regulations

viii. Swim Ireland’s, LEN’s and FINA’s Competition Rules

ix. applicable Regional Bodies’ and Clubs’ constitutional documents, rules and regulations

x. any other rules, directions and regulations adopted by the Board.

*Members should note that the above documentation is available on the Swim Ireland website ( and/or through the Swim Ireland Office

Upcoming Events

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 National Swimming Body containing information on all aspects of aquatics for Ireland.

Contains photographs and regional records along with calendar of swimming events in the region.

 International Swimming  Body containing information such as international swimming rules.

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