Sláinte trí Snámh
Established 1993

Parent in Attendance         



Please see Laser SC Parent In Attendance information sheet for details on the roles and responsibilities of parents in attendance.

In accordance with Swim Ireland best practice, Laser operates a Parent in Attendance (PIA)  rota to ensure that our children are afforded a healthy and safe environment in which to swim. All parents are expected to support this initiative and take part in the rota.

Parents in Attendance should familiarise themselves with the facility's evacauation procedures. 

Some local policies may also be in place such as signing register at reception in the leisure centres. It should be noted that the parent in attendance has no responsibility for supervision of changing areas. 


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 National Swimming Body containing information on all aspects of aquatics for Ireland.

Contains photographs and regional records along with calendar of swimming events in the region.

 International Swimming  Body containing information such as international swimming rules.

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